BURTL Makes Headlines

By Joseph Austin

BOSTON – On a brisk winter day in late February, ten Boston University (BU) students stood on Marsh Plaza bearing signs and red tape branded with the word, “life,” across their mouths. The peaceful protest at midday on Feb. 19 brought a silent witness to the tragedy of abortion in America, the crucifixion of countless babies at the guillotine of the corrupt abortion industry.

“We’ll be standing peacefully on the sidewalk with informative signs and tape over our mouths, in solidarity with the 55 million who have been silenced since Roe vs. Wade,” Boston University Right to Life (BURTL) said in an emailed newsletter.

A Guttmacher Institute study from 2002 said that about half of all abortions that take place in America are done on women ages 18-24, or college-aged women.  According to an article in LifeNews in May 2012, 78.8% of all Planned Parenthood affiliates are located within 5 miles of a college or university.

“It’s time we unite to address the unmet needs of women – especially those with the highest abortion rate – women attending college,” said recent speaker for BURTL Feminists for Life in a flyer on its website.  “If we want to reduce the number of abortions among those with the highest rate, it’s time we listen to women,” it said.

BURTL has recently taken steps to bring the latest “Pregnant on Campus” Students for Life of America (SFLA) initiative to BU.

“Too often, pregnant and parenting students feel forced to choose between continuing their education or dropping out to raise their child … college campuses have failed to foster a life-affirming environment and provide the necessary resources for pregnant and parenting students,” SFLA said in a statement on its website.

The pregnancy initiative will seek to provide these resources in order to foster more of an environment in which mothers will feel comfortable raising their children.

BURTL garnered a significant reaction to the first silent protest of the new year.  Passersby had mixed but substantive reactions.  “A lot of times people just write it off because they know it’s an inflammatory issue, but they don’t really think about it,” BURTL president Bradley Agostinelli told the Daily Free Press.  Margaret Waterman, a reporter there, covered the event and wrote a story about it here.

For more information on BURTL, please email burtl@bu.edu , or check out the website here.


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